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On Managing A Golf Course

golf course management

Managing a golf course is not exactly an easy enterprise. That is putting it quite mildly indeed. Just ask any club committee and they will tell it to you like it is. This is the challenging state of affairs. Even a nine-hole course needs constant TLC preferably on a daily basis. Owing to a lack of resources and capacity, and certainly a lack of funding, many club members or owners may not be able to see their way through to maintaining a seven-day schedule which should abide by a list of essential tasks from keeping the greens nourished and pruned to ensuring that the clubhouse’s restroom remains hygienically clean throughout the day.

Small club owners can only dream and wonder at this time. They can only watch the big events on their TV screens every other weekend and wonder how some of the most famous golf clubs in the world got to the level where they are today. If they have not been given the privilege of hosting one of the Majors, they are at least the recipients of a bid to host a state-wide recognised tournament, whether professional or amateur. This is the main reason why they get it right. They are practicing golf course management through and through.

Not only that but the managerial practice is professional. It is a paid-up service. Granted that many clubs may not be able to afford the fees being quoted at this time but there can be no harm in giving a once-off or short-term consultancy a try-out. Board members and their patrons have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Indeed, while funding the golf course is at issue, professional club management could assist in helping to raise the required funds.